Error on Top of Error

  What is being brought to your attention is certainly not  new to those who study the Bible. In spite of the fact that some religious groups practice what they call "infant baptism," there is not one word of authorization in the Bible for such a thing; not a single word. It is altogether a doctrine and practice that has comes from the minds of men, not God.

  Actually, what is done is not baptism at all. Baptism is a burial in water. What men do is to sprinkle a few drops of water on the head and in the face of a little baby. This is done as an outgrowth of the false doctrine that babies are born depraved, guilty of sin, damned, hopeless, helpless and therefore, thinking something needs to be done to help them, men concocted this idea of "baby baptism."

  It is somewhat ironic that some who do this deny that baptism has anything to do with salvation. If it does not, why do what they do? Error is piled on top of error and that is another powerful reason why we know denominationalism is foreign to the doctrine of Christ. Never, ever, do we read of "infant baptism" in God's book.