Even One Decent Thought?

  Never have I seen such a barrage of evil and wickedness hurled against Christ as we are seeing every day in the USA. Recently some campus "newspaper" produced some of the most vile and vulgar degrading pictures to defame our Lord one could imagine. They are nothing but sewer rats disguised as students and are serving the cause of the Devil. It is unlikely that those who do such things have ever had enough decency about them to produce or have one decent thought in their lives. They are so degenerate they would not recognize decency if it was right before their faces.

  We know the Lord warned that such filth as this would inhabit the earth and do everything they could to disgrace Him. But in a land where vicious vermin misuse freedom to destroy freedom and cry for rights to deny rights, it is disturbing to see what has come over this decadent society. It projects difficult times for the faithful.

  Of course, they are the ultimate losers. That is tragic within itself. But the fact that such trash will influence others is even more tragic. Those who love the Lord must realize we live in a country that has become scornfully anti-Christian. Makes our work all the more important.