Even Strangers and Eunuchs

  The Old Testament book of Isaiah consists of sixty-six chapters. The first thirty-nine are primarily devoted to the forecasts of the fall of Northern Israel and Judah. The last twenty-seven are words of restoration and encouragement much of which is only applicable to the coming of the Messiah and the salvation He brought to mankind.

  Under the Law of Moses strangers (foreigners) and eunuchs (mutilated) were excluded from honorable places in the house of God. But Isaiah foretells that which was to come (Isaiah 56) which would include both. All the universe would be offered the blessings of the One that was to come.

  Even so, they must conform to the conditions specified by the Lord to be blessed. Cornelius (Acts 10) and the Ethiopian (Acts 8) are  fulfillments of this great prophecy made seven hundred years before Christ.