Ever Changing

  It may not always be true but it is something worth watching. Sometimes people take a position on some matter and make the effort to justify their stand. That is to be expected. We should be able to sustain what we believe. But often arguments used are proven to be without merit. Rather than give up the false position they cherish they shift from one "proof" to another, hoping to find something that will stick.

  Those of the anti orphan home and church cooperation issue to prominent a few years ago were guilty of doing that. The ones who have tried to justify instrumental music are notorious for doing it. Evolutionists constantly are changing in their attempt to prove what cannot be proven. Attempts to deny the Deity of Christ are not the same one day to the next.

  Since truth is certain and constant we can be comforted that we do not have to ever be jumping from argument to argument trying to uphold it. Once it is shown to be true we can rest assured it is true and move on.