Evolution Demand Miracles

  A miracle involves the supernatural, that which is not natural or according to the laws of nature as man has and can observe them in operation. Evolutionists deny miracles. But if ever a philosophy (and that is all evolution is because it is NOT a scientific fact as the public is told in a lie) demanded miracles it is evolution.

  It demands life from non-life. That's natural? It demands one kind of animal producing another and different kind. That's natural? It demands what has never and can never be shown, namely, their evolution scale for man. It demands either an animal producing a human or turning into a human. That's natural? It would take miracle atop miracle to sustain evolution. Yet these self-contradicting skeptics scoff at the Biblical miracles.

   I suppose if one wants to be absurd, being an evolutionist is one of the more popular ways available today.