Evolution Must Be True

  When most people hear the word EVOLUTION they think of the "man from lower life" concept through chance and accident. Actually it simply means change. In this sense evolution is true because there is change going on constantly. But it is the Darwinian evolution people usually consider.

  Evolutionists have tried for years on end to find something to sustain their absurd theories. They grieve over not being able to dismiss the reality of God. But they keep trying. In reality they are constantly evolving, changing, from one "argument" to another trying to prop up their foolishness. What some "scientist" proclaims are "facts" today are overturned tomorrow by another "scientist." They are ever changing their position.

  But the Word of God remains the same, remains true, remains accurate, remains Biblically and scientifically precise, remains the stumbling block to atheists, and remains the correct guide for man. So it will ever be.