Our tyrannical and anti-God government has produced a manual defining those these hate-God liberals have compiled. That the manual was recalled says nothing but only betrays what this government and its leadership really believes. It is not only anti-America but anti-Bible. It speaks of the non-Muslim extremists like those of Islam are not extremists. They are murderous barbarians. But anything anti-Christian fits the Obamanation.

  Some prefer to stick their heads in the sand and pretend all is well. But there are sophisticated and massive efforts underway in this government and society that would control religion, suppress free speech, denounce the Bible and imprison all who are not the degenerate liberals of today.

  We once said the time might come when our children would see prison because of their faith. Let me amend that. The time is near that WE will see prison because of our faith because anti-God tyrants are in control