False Doctrine and Politics

  False teachers contend the Bible says the land of Palestine belongs to the Jews because God gave it to them. This He did conditionally. But they violated His will, ignored His warning, and lost the land. Every promise God made to ancient Israel was fulfilled. There is no outstanding yet to be fulfilled promise concerning Palestine and the Jews.

  But some have blasted out politically about that situation and have tried to base their arguments on the Bible. They are wrong and foolish. The President back in the 70's had this same ridiculous false notion and molded his politics accordingly. Some are trying to do that now. Ignorance of Scripture and politics brings certain confusion and trouble to the world.

  You may hold some political view but be careful trying to establish it from God's Word. Ethics and morals are different. But secular political positions are not molded by some theologian's false doctrines. Don't blame God.