Far More Than You Think

  Just having the physical ability to produce a child does not a father make. Animals can do that. And many males who produce children are not much more than just animals seeking their satisfaction and totally lacking in responsibility and morality. Therefore, there are millions of young people roaming the nation without the God-intended home where father guides and provides. Of course, the females are to blame also.

  When will this nation awaken to the reality of our self-destruction and seek God's way? Will it ever? Somehow I doubt it. But I know we need good fathers in the home and the Bible is the best "handbook" on good fatherhood one could ever read. It is a tragedy that so many males are not men but two-legged sewer rats producing more children who become more sewer rats.

  It takes more than what many think to be a good father. Thank God for each one that does exist.