Father's Day

  This is a day set aside to honor fatherhood. Today's society, now diseased with feminism, has degraded almost every honorable place a man can be found. Children are expected by the Lord to honor their parents. It is a good thing to recognize the role of a father. We need to encourage men to be real fathers as God has taught them to be. So many today are dead beats of the worst sort. In some elements of society nearly seventy percent of children born are bastards. Some fathers those degenerate fornicators are!

  Those of us who have been blessed with good, honest, Christian, responsible fathers have been eternally blessed. We would that everyone could have this blessing. We must reach young men that fatherhood is a tremendous privilege and teach them the duties that go with it. It will make better homes. With better homes we will have a better nation. So many who have physically produced children are just low-life scoundrels that have to justified place in society.