The Fear of the Flood

  My home is about 75 miles from Nashville, Tennessee which has recently been subjected to historic and record-breaking rains and floods. A 24/7 report has been coming over all the television stations because of the dangers and seriousness of what has happened. Never have the people of Middle Tennessee seen such a deluge in about a century..

  One thing that impresses you is how fearful people are, and rightly so, of the rising water and the rapidity of that rising. This is the result of two days of heavy rains. Two Days! What about forty days plus the bursting of the earth with the gushing waters! If such as we are seeing today frightens people, and it does, can you imagine the panic among those outside the ark in Noah's day? Yes, they had been warned, but they ignored it and persisted in their evil. As the waters took them away, can you imagine the fear that prevailed?

  But that fear pales into relative insignificance when you consider the next destruction of the world by fire (2 Pet. 3:10). As the song asks, "Are you ready for that day to come?" It's coming. Are you ready for it?