Few Call It Treason

  Just because lefties don't want to call it treason does not make it less treason. The present government of the USA is a tyrannical baby killing pervert promoting evil empire that steals from the public, lies about nearly everything, undermines the nation, and seeks to destroy every decent thing about a nation that once respected God in its government. Among the vicious and wicked efforts of these communist despots is the suppression of  freedom of speech and religion and they are making headway in that.

  The fact that our Constitution guarantees these rights means nothing because this parasitic racist element ignores the law as do both major political parties. This is more than just worrisome to Christians whose faith is under attack from many quarters. Treason is treason and those now controlling the government, most media, education, etc. are guilty of it and probably will succeed in destroying what remains of freedom in the USA.