The Final Things

  Who cares about the final things? We should! After all, it does pertain to our future. But far more than that. Some may contend that the final things will be as God decrees and we have nothing to do with it. That is true regarding some things of the future but not all.

  Doctrines of final things that contradict Scripture are deadly because it would mean Scripture is wrong and not from God. Knowing about final things is important because they relate to our nature, our duty to God, our destiny in eternity. Does not that matter? Indeed, it does.

  Some final things have been determined by God and it will be as He has determined; such as life, death, the resurrection, judgment and eternity. But we are allowed to determine our relationship with God and whether we go to heaven or hell. That matters, doesn't it? Knowing God's revelation about final things gives us opportunity to prepare for the inevitable so that all will be well with the soul.