Finally Together

  The study of prophecy and its fulfillment is most challenging. We do well not to become dogmatic. But Isaiah wrote of a time when Egypt, Assyria and Israel would be blessed of the Lord together (Isaiah 19). There would be a highway going from Egypt to Assyria and physically and geographically that highway would of necessity traverse Israel. Seeing how these nations were historic enemies of each other, when and how could there ever be this togetherness?

  When we understand that much of the prophecy of Isaiah had to do with the coming age of Christ's rule, we can see how those who were once foes could be friends in Christ. This oneness could only come by the preaching and acceptance of the gospel by some people of all three nations. We prefer to conclude that Isaiah was speaking of the Christian age when people of any and every nation might come to God and in so doing become one with another "in Christ."