Fire and Brimstone to Come

  It is repulsive to see the way America is promoting and protecting the sexual perverts that are inconsiderate, rude, exhibitionists, seeking attention, and trying to cram their degenerate perversion down the throats of everybody in public and private. They will probably not receive what they deserve in this country, in this life, but they will in the world to come.

  God rewarded Sodom with fire and brimstone. America invites something to fall upon it to reduce it to ashes also because the majority of the American population has become such haters of God and lovers of sin that there is little chance it can be preserved as a good and free nation it once was.

  That time will be the greatest challenge Christians have faced in this hemisphere. Even now, strenuous efforts are being put forth by high powers to drive the will of Christ from our nation. And so few seem to really care. They live in a dream world of fantasy and refuse to face facts.