Flood Evidence

  Men have dug into the earth and made many wonderful discoveries. My reading has presented the contention that one time animals of every kind died almost instantaneously and were buried at the same time. Huge graves have been uncovered showing this. Neither man nor beast could have produced such a thing. Carcasses would have been devoured by nature's scavengers. Man could not have buried them in such large numbers in single graves. Mingled together are the remains of animal and plant life. Large animals, small animals, mammals, sea creatures, are all thrown together that could only have been done by the tremendous action of water.

  There is only one explanation that meets scientific and Biblical necessity and that is the reality of the flood in the time of Noah. While skeptics deny the flood they cannot explain what is found.

  It is so much easier to believe what God reveals in His Word than the wild theories man concoct to get away from God. You remove the reality of God you make man just a beast, having come by accident, here for no reason, and going nowhere. I believe in God.