Foolish Question

  It must be the most foolish question I have heard in a long time. The police were investigating a murder that had been reported by an individual. Some brilliant reporter asked the one who reported the murder, "Did you know about the murder before you reported it to the police?" (They were trying to implicate the person as an accomplice.) The answer should have been, "No, I reported it before I ever heard about it." People are so blank.

  It is like the question, "Is Congress corrupt?" No reasonable person can doubt it. Our nation faces a deepening crisis due to the corruption of those in authority in all three branches of government on all levels. Unless and until there is a return to moral standards as taught in God's Word the corruption will continue and grow worse.

  But until the population changes, the ones they elect will be no different from the low-level people (with some few exceptions) that have governed the nation for the past fifty years.