For What is He Best Known?

  This is asked regarding Peter. Is he best known for walking on the water, his seemingly impetuous nature, his quickness to speak, his confusion in Antioch,  his denial of Christ, his running to the tomb, his brother Andrew, or even his mother-in-law? We think not even though these and other events are outstanding.

  When I think of Peter I am first impressed that he left all to follow Christ, that he confessed Jesus as the Son of God, how he refused to quit preaching Christ when threatened, his sermon on Pentecost and at the house of Cornelius, when he raised Dorcas from the dead, the two inspired epistles bearing his name, the gospel message for sinner and saint that came from his mouth and his pen. On and on commendation can be given.

  He was a person with flaws. Who isn't? But few who have ever lived reach the heights of nobility that characterized Peter in spite of his shortcomings. Should not we strive to do as he?