Forecast of the Future

  This is not meant as a "put-down" for the "weathermen." Predictions of storms, floods, etc. have doubtless saved many lives. But personally I do get a bit amused to hear some rant and rave about what will "definitely" take place one hundred or so years from now when they miss the forecast for the afternoon about as often as they get it right. Their guesswork and "gloom and doom" speculation is useless and actually destructive.

  But how different are they from those religious teachers who are always trying to cram some futuristic theory down the throat of people when they know absolutely nothing about what they are saying? How many have shown themselves false prophets by their predictions as to when the Lord will come? And what of all the clamor about what will take place when He comes? They can only know what is revealed in Scripture and their wild and fantastic theories only display how ridiculous some people can get.

  Somehow I do not have confidence in the forecasters when they show they cannot even get the plan of salvation correct. We best be concerned about the judgment in the future. God assures us that will take place.