The Forgotten Generation

  The vast majority of young people in America have been forgotten. The older generation has forgotten to teach them morality, decency, responsibility, integrity, honor and their duty to God and man. While exceptions appear now and then, and they are exceptions, most American youth have not received proper discipline, training, instruction, or opportunity to know how to live a proper life.

  One wrote, "Never has one generation of youth been told so much they are so superior, yet at the same time so ill-equipped to really meet life and live it successfully." Again, "Seldom does one see a generation that thinks itself to know so much and be so wise, yet manifest such ignorance and behave so foolishly." This is true. Why has it happened?

  The older generation forgot them. Parents, seeking their own selfish desires, allowed the young to grow up like animals, being taught they are nothing but animals, acting like animals and amounting to nothing more than a deranged human. Somebody will pay dearly on the day of judgment for this neglect of sacred duty. Meanwhile, we all suffer because of it.