Found Another One

  Another one has been found. Another "Campbellite" has been located. This time his name is Adam Clarke, for years thought to be an outstanding Methodist who wrote a memorable series of commentaries. But that is all changed now. He was actually a "Campbellite."

  How do I know this? Because a denominational clergyman told me that the refusal to use instruments of music in worship is just a "Campbellite" thing and Clarke was VERY opposed to using them that way. So he must have been a "Campbellite."

  Is it not said how dishonest, prejudiced, bigoted and ignorant a man can be and still occupy a denominational pulpit with approval of his people? It does not matter with many clergymen what the Bible teaches. Nor do their parishioners care. They have learned their party's line and here they go disgracing themselves and the truth. It is truly pathetic.