Four Possibilities

  Only one who is deliberately blind to reality would deny our nation is in dire straits for survival and continued freedom. Most of us have opinions regarding that reality and wish there was something that could be done. As I see it, there are four possibilities awaiting this nation's future.

1- Domestic enemies will force tyranny by communism, Islam, gradual denial of Constitution and bring big government to control. We are well on that path today. Christianity is especially denounced by those in power..

2-Our leaders, incompetent as they are, will bankrupt the nation, make us a paper tiger, and we shall be easy pickings for some foreign power to impose its will upon us. Our leaders show no real interest in protecting our borders or enhancing our defenses. We will be a pushover.

3- Millions will declare, "Enough is enough," and there will be a civil war in the attempt to rid the nation of its internal enemies, mostly in government, the media and universities. Blood will flow freely. Blood won our freedom, has preserved our freedom, and will be shed over and over for freedom.

4- The influence of the gospel will produce a spiritual revival. This is the least likely of the four because the majority of the nation doesn't have much respect for God and His Word and are like ancient Israel. Which of the first three will take place first I cannot tell. But I work and pray for the fourth. Why? Because I want to save souls. Then the nation will be secure.