Freedom is Fragile

  We are prone to take blessings for granted. Blessings that have been won by our forefathers are very much in danger in the USA. In just one hundred days we have seen how an egotistical maniac can sway millions of brain dead idiots to give him power enough to nearly destroy the nation in a short time. But he is only getting started. He, along with such moral giants as Ted Kennedy, want to suppress Biblical teaching that they disapprove. They want "fairness" doctrines and censorship on "thus saith the Lord." The possibility of the loss of free speech and freedom of religion is very much a possibility under the tyrants presently in control.

  It may become more difficult for Christians to continue to preach the Word but faithful Christians will know that a government like the one presently in power is of the devil and will refuse to obey it and will pray for its demise.