Friends in Common Danger

  After Saul killed Ahimelech, the priest, because he had helped David, the son of Ahimelech, Abiathar, fled to the only one he knew who would have something in common. Saul had been pursuing David, had killed the priests, so Abiathar and David had a common foe. David felt responsible to some degree for what happened to Ahimelech so he readily received Abiathar and they became close friends and remained so for many years. It is so good and encouraging to have friends in good times and bad.

  It is one of the startling events how years later after many episodes of being comrades that when David became old and his son Adonijah attempted to take the throne rather than Solomon, David's choice, that Abiathar, seeong no future for himself with David, stood with Adonijah against his long time friend. This resulted in him being banished from the priesthood by Solomon upon David's death. Isn't is a strange thing among people how they can hang together against a common foe but see fit to divide over power and selfish interests?