From That Time

  The word "time" appears many times in Scriptures. Sometimes it is in the phrase "from that time," denoting certain events that would take place and mark the beginning of certain times and events of significance. For instance, when Nehemiah was directing the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem he and his fellow laborers encountered stiff opposition to their project from the Samaritans. First one objection and attack was leveled against them. Conditions became so serious that the builders would have to work with one hand and fight the enemy with the other. Would they sacrifice their work? No, they persisted in the good work they were doing.

  In Nehemiah 4:16 following a series of events to make them fail in their task, it is stated how they worked and fought "from that time." The opposition did not cause them to break but seemed to motivate them all the more to do the Lord's work. "From that time" they worked harder.

  We often meet those who would place a hindrance in our path. Rather than allow them to hinder us, let us rise above it, overcome it, push it aside so we can say as we labor together, "from that time" that "we returned all of us to the wall, every one unto his work."