Funny Things Happen

  My wife and I have had something trivial but funny to occur. She lost her car keys (she is beginning to even act like me). She finally found them in the deep freeze where she had put some bread. She had dropped her keys into the same bag. We had searched all over this place looking for them and almost gave up. But the lost hath been found and we rejoiced.

  The analogy is not fitting in importance, but if we rejoiced over finding those keys, how much must the Lord and the angels in heaven rejoice over one sinner that repents!

  Luke chapter fifteen is the chapter most often read when discussing finding the lost. One thing can enlarge the joy over a sinner repenting. That one thing would be to have contributed even in a small measure to bringing that to pass. The salvation of a soul is not in the realm of funny things. It is the most glorious event in the affairs of the human family.