Get Started Correctly

  When you undertake a task it is important that you get started as you ought. Recently I heard one of the simplest and most easily understood illustrations of the need to get started correctly over GBN  Everybody can see the wisdom in this illustration.

  How many times have you put on your shirt or blouse that has buttons down the front and you start fastening them. But you get to the last one and it is out-if-line and your shirt is crooked. You immediately know the trouble and wonder why you did not catch it at the first. You buttoned the first button toward the top in the wrong button hole. That meant all the rest of them were out of place also. You didn't know it until at the last one.

  Fortunately such a mistake is easily corrected. Not all of them that trivial  when we start off wrong. Be sure to start you education, marriage, job, work at church the very best way. Then follow through the same way.