Get Thinking Under Control

  You may not have this problem but probably many of us do. With the turmoil that exists in our world on every hand, the international tensions that could throw the world into chaos, the national erosion of basic and fundamental rules of decency, the corruption of power-crazed politicians and greedy people for wealth, the destruction of education in order to promote humanism, on every level and every corner there are things that disturb. These things can control our thinking to the point we lose our perspective and confuse our mission in life if we are not alert.

  I sometimes think about Agrippa who had such an opportunity to be a Christian (Acts 25) but was not converted. I have wondered why. But does the "why" really matter anymore? He left this life out of Christ without any hope for his soul. Who can think of anything more tragic than that? Possibly he focused too much on the "here and now" to the neglect of the afterlife. What did he gain? What has he lost?

  Get a hold on your thinking, dear friend, and even in the face of what seems to be overwhelming distresses, set your aim to serve the Lord and go to heaven. This world will pass but you will exist eternally. But where?