God Did the Binding

  When Christ promised the keys of the kingdom to Peter and the other apostles, He said what they bound would be bound in heaven and what they loosed would be loosed in heaven (Mt. 18: 18). Some have mistakenly thought the apostles decided what was to be bound and loosed. That is not the way it would be. The apostles would reveal what God had bound and loosed. What was bound and loosed was by the divine authority, not the decisions of any man or group of men. Actually the Lord is telling His apostles that whatever had already been bound or loosed in heaven is what they, acting on His behalf, would bind and loose.

  It is a grievous offense against God for man to assume to bind and loose what God has not already approved and revealed. That is the same as adding and diminishing from His Word which is specifically forbidden throughout the Bible. It is God who decided..