God Overruled

  It is evident from the Scriptures that God intended to provide for mankind a system of salvation and that through His Son Jesus Christ. It is deserving of our attention how so many things were in readiness for Christ and His gospel at the time He came into this world.

  The Bible reveals how God used the Jews to bring the plan of redemption to light. What may not be so evident from Scriptures is the contribution made by both the Greeks and the Romans.

  The language of the Greeks had become known throughout the world. This was the language God later employed in producing the New Testament. It was a tongue that would facilitate the spread of the gospel because people everywhere were familiar with it. Alexander's conquests had paved the way for the advance of the gospel.

  The social and governmental unity provided by Rome was a tremendous advantage. Also, the roads they built made travel easier. Their system of "rights" and protections, although lacking, played a major role in the early growth of the church. Was it just a coincidence that such things were in readiness? Or was it the providence of God? We both know.