God Told Him What to Do

  The Bible student is familiar with the healing of Naaman of leprosy. The way and manner of the healing was not what Naaman thought it would be and he was provoked, at the first, to grow angry and even decided to return home to Syria rather than be healed. But his servant proved more sober than his master and persuaded him to simply do what he was told.

  The prophet Elisha did not have the power to heal the Syrian but God did. Through Elisha God told Naaman what to do and when he did it he received God's blessing. I wonder why people today cannot understand that obeying God is required to be blessed with spiritual blessings. Somehow many have been persuaded to ignore what God says and follow somebody else or their own way. But how many times has it worked for men to set God aside? Just do what you are told and rejoice in the blessings He bestows. Or remain disobedient, die and be in hell eternally.