Gog and Magog

  There is almost an endless number of explanations as to the identity of Gog and Magog. Mentioned first in Genesis, then more fully in Ezekiel and used again in Revelation, these names have provoked all kind of commentary from "scholars". The best we can determine, and about which there is little denial, these names refer to enemies of God's people. If t they were real people or symbolic of enemies is difficult to determine.

  Those who believe in a carnal warfare at the end of time consider them prophetically to refer to Russia, China, Japan, etc attacking the little state of Israel that came into being in 1948. Of all the explanations, this one is the most fallacious. But we are content to think that those in Bible times understood and let it go at that. Whether we know or not does not matter.

  But to assign them a role that contradicts Scripture is too much to accept.