Good Judas

  The very name Judas brings to mind the worst kind of thoughts on how depraved men can become. Judas, however, was a rather common name among the people of Palestine and we are not surprised that there are several men named Judas who are mentioned in the Bible.

  One particular Judas must have been a courageous and benevolent man who was either a Christian or sympathetic with Christianity. He lived in Damascus on Strait Street. It was to his house Saul of Tarsus was taken after meeting the Lord on the road and it was to his house Ananias was directed to deliver God's message to Saul. It was no small and insignificant thing he did in taking Saul into his house. He contributed a major role in starting this matchless apostle on his work.

  We can be glad for this Judas. Our curiosity makes us wish we could have known more about him because what we do know makes us think highly of him, doesn't it?