Good Riddance

  For many years Pharaoh and the Egyptians had held the Israelites as slaves. Moses came to lead them away into Canaan. But their departure was not easily accomplished because Pharaoh did not want to lose their services. Then came the ten plagues. Have you ever given that account of Israel's history a close reading? Those Egyptians were really put through much discomfort and loss. In fact, things got so bad with them that they decided they really did not want the Israelites to stay and urged them to leave, even giving them supplies to help them on their journey.

  As far as the Egyptians were concerned Israel crossing the Red Sea was good riddance. They would have preferred them to stay under slave conditions but not with the plagues.

  Something similar takes places when we leave the way of sin and begin our journey toward heaven with Christ. What we leave behind is good riddance. Sin never was any benefit anyway. Sin is a worse plague than what Egypt suffered.