Good Was Intended

  One of life's disappointments comes in the form of  having good motives and good intentions in what you do but see those efforts ruined and even become detriments. This can happen in work that congregations attempt to accomplish. One such effort is a gospel meeting.

  For years brethren have realized the value of a gospel meeting where the gospel is preached, the lost are taught, the saved are encouraged, the wayward are restored and the Lord is glorified. That is the goal and intention of a gospel meeting. But it does not always turn out that way.

  The reason is does not go well is because too many seem to think the success of the meeting is not their responsibility. It is a case of "let the others do it; not me." As a result, attendance is poor, almost embarrassing at times, and the cause suffers a setback rather than what was intended. Why can't brethren understand they have a duty to God and brethren to support the work to save souls?