Grateful for REVELATION

  By REVELATION I mean the last book of the Bible. That book was written to early Christians concerning things that were to "shortly come to pass." Those Christians were suffering persecution from Jews and Romans, many had given their lives rather than deny Christ, and there was more of the same to be experienced.

  But REVELATION would encourage the Christians to stay faithful because God would, in time, destroy those who were persecuting them and they would be delivered. What they needed to know is that God provides for His own and to those who would remain faithful, even unto death, and continue steadfastly in the faith, they would eventually be victorious. Regardless of what might come upon them in this life, VICTORY BELONGS TO THE FAITHFUL IN CHRIST. Such is the major theme of that final book in God's Word.

  What a glorious motivation for Christians to face whatever they must and live in the confident hope that all is well between them and God, now and forever.