Grave Concern for the Next Generation

  There is no question but Islam is the world's worst enemy at present. The Muslim intent, in spite of all the baloney about being a peaceful religion, seeks to dominate the world by force. The only nation that can prevent that is the USA and we lack the leadership and will to do it.

  But worse than that, we lack the moral courage and standards to stand. Therefore our concern for the next generation is grave because the majority of people in the USA, once a bulwark of reliability, has become a toothless pack of immoral people who seek evil, not good. All the talk from some quarters does not change the fact that "righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people." Sin is the dominant characteristic of America today. From what place will come our survival?

  Only in Christ can we as individuals be victorious over the dark enemies we face. But I have doubts that even Christ will turn this nation of incorrigible evil around before the next generation faces dire circumstances.