The Great Bailout

  Why not talk about it? It's all over the news. Some call is a "loan," which is laughable because it will never be paid back. It is a bailout of greedy, fumbling corporation executives, labor unions, politicians and others who have bled the public and now their ways of corruption have turned against them and is exposing them for what they are. Too bad for the taxpayer!

  But what interests me are the many words about correcting things that really offer no corrections. Everybody wants to keep going as before like that will be a magic wand and fix everything anyway. All these people that have fouled up America are looking out for themselves and that's all.

  Can't we learn that we must turn from the pattern of blunders if ever things are fixed? But no, that might cut somebody's wages, salary, political power, access to the public trough. Shall we say that repentance is a much needed quality at this point? But that is something those involved know nothing about. They are like many sinners who find themselves in dire straits but take no responsibility, insist they did no wrong and want to keep going as before. They expect God to "bail them out" without any change in them. It won't work.