Grief Amidst Grief

  Probably all of us at some time or another have tried to think seriously of the heaviness of the burdens our Lord was carrying in the hours before His crucifixion. Surely, one  disappointing matter and an uncalled for concern was the tension that was trying to rise among the apostles about who would be the greatest. Why do people get so concerned about wanting to be superior to others?

  Our Lord took care of the matter with the teaching that the greatest are those who serve the most. To render service to others implies an attitude of humility and willingness to exert effort, not for self, but for somebody else. That is a quality of character we would do well to develop. Denial of self, putting self aside, is a difficult achievement. But it an essential element in being a noble follower of Christ.

  Do you suppose we might grieve the Lord sometimes with personal selfishness rather than being more concerned about those around us?