Most would admit to engaging in the practice from time to time. But grumbling is listed as a sin. Israel provoked God by their grumbling. Wonder what good our grumbling does!

  Grumbling never eased a single pain. It does not change the weather. Has it ever solved a church problem? Does it produce a better person? Grumbling never made food taste better, made anyone healthier, wealthier or wiser. Who makes friends by grumbling? How does it improve our disposition? Is the grumbler ever really satisfied by grumbling? We just find it difficult to find any good in grumbling. And yet we do it.

  We condemn grumbling in others. Maybe we should take note about self. And here I am grumbling about grumbling. May as well stop it right now. Counting our blessings is a sure cure to grumbling.