Half Gone

  With the passing of today, June 30, half of the year 2008 is already gone. When someone says "time flies" they are understating it. But it might be a good moment of the year to take inventory of how things are going. Surely, it has been a time of much activity and life has had its ups and downs.

  But whatever happened the first half of the year is past. It is the remaining months that matter most. Of course, we all know that but it helps a little to be reminded so we will use the next few months to the best advantage.

  What do you have planned that is special that will help others, strengthen the family, promote the gospel, benefit the nation, and prepare you for the inevitable judgment? The many "little" things we do makes the big things meaningful. So use a moment of today to take stock and make plans and see if the second half might be an improvement over the first half.