Hard to Admit, but True

  There are many things about which we could be wrong and it really does not make that much difference. One may be mistaken about the time of day, where he put his glasses, even where to buy a certain item. But that is not all that "earthshaking."

  But there is something about which when we are wrong we need to correct and that is when we sin against God. All sin is against God. And all sin. But all will not admit it.

  In the Bible we read of several people who explicitly expressed their admission like David, the "prodigal son" and Achan. But this is something we ALL should admit.

  Until we admit we have sinned we will not seek forgiveness. Until we receive forgiveness we cannot enter heaven. It may be humbling and grating against our pride, but admission of the guilt of sin is as imperative to being saved as anything else we are supposed to do.