Hard to Deny That Voice

  More than once the voice of God was heard to confess the identity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Once was at His baptism and another was on some unnamed mount where He was transfigured. Present on that occasion was Elijah and Moses from the past and Peter and John from the present. Misunderstanding the scene Peter suggested tabernacles in honor of all three. It was then the voice of God was heard, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Hear ye him." (Matt. 17:5).

  In 2 Peter 1:18 Peter recalled this event and acknowledged he had heard God's voice and the confession that was made. Could Peter deny what he heard? He had earlier confessed the same truth himself as had been revealed to him (Matt. 16:16, 17). He was a witness to these things and wrote them so we also could know of them.

  Men may try to deny this truth but they do so to their own damnation. It is such a well-documented fact that only the deluded who perceive their wisdom to be superior to that of God would even question it.