Hard to Take

  Other than having your loved ones to grieve and suffer, possibly the hardest thing to accept is the tremendous amount of injustice in this world. Criminals get away with their crimes with little to no punishment, the rich and greedy are able to mount more and more money under their control, the hard working little man is shoved about like he was existing only for the use of the more powerful, and politicians lie and cheat and steal and still get elected. On and on it goes. The undeserving seem to get their way and those who try to live right are subjected to abuse. You add to that the stupidity of the courts and the vile laws produced by legislators, you wonder like those in Revelation, "How long, O lord?"

  The song says, "This world is not my home." We can be thankful for that. It would be a hopeless and dark future if eternity would be in such a sinful environment. Thank God He has loved us enough to provide for better things. Furthermore, we can endure the wickedness of others if we always rely on God and stay faithful to Him through Christ.