Hard to Understand

  Some may understand it, but I do not. How can people accept what contradicts known scientific observable and proven fact, look for what MIGHT happen sometime, subscribe to an ever-changing philosophy that denies God, believe what could not possibly be and for which all evidence says cannot be, and at the same time dismiss the Scriptures which have been repeatedly proven to be accurate, reliable, truthful and unchanging?

  The only explanation I know is that when someone is determined to reject God  he feels no obligation to be sensible, rational, reasonable or consistent. When he wants to go his own way and refuses to submit to a higher authority than himself nothing is too far out.

  The irrationality and nothingness of atheism that controls the minds of many is without understanding. But man can choose to be a fool if he desires. That is how God describes an unbeliever (Psalm 14: 1).