Hate Speech

  There are proposals being considered by the United States Congress, and have already received major support in committee, to classify opposition to homosexuality as hate speech, including the reading of passages from the Bible. That the Bible is included has been admitted and endorsed by those who are supporting this measure. The fact that it violates the First Amendment and transgresses Christianity does not matter. They want to criminalize the Bible. They hate God's Word.

  What is equally disgusting is how some who profess to be Christians can align themselves with the major political party that is promoting this travesty against free speech and the Word of God. Those who do so are as guilty of betraying Christ as much as did Judas. The way some "Christians" support their politics more than the will of God is going to produce their damnation in hell.

  Hate speech? Yes! Hatred of evil and wrongdoing! Not hatred of souls. To classify God's truth as hate speech will mean hell for those who detest God's Word so viciously. But God's Word will remain as always and Christians will preach it. Homosexuality has been, is, and will remain sinful.