Hatred Toward God

  There are those in our world whose hatred toward God is immeasurable. Their blasphemy is beyond description. Those who deny God work so hard to get rid of God. Why? If God does not exist, why bother about disproving Him? Name one beneficial and positive contribution atheism has ever made for humanity. Name one. Contrast that with Christianity.

  Do not be so stupid as to declare something Christian just because some brainwashed ignoramus says so. Christianity is revealed in Scripture and not some human religious history book.

  Why do people hate God? If God exists they are accountable and that they cannot tolerate. Without a standard for right and wrong (they even deny there is such a thing) they try to displace God and make themselves the top of the universe. How can they ever say they are right? By what authority? Themselves? Why not Hitler or Ben Laden?

  You cannot hate humanists because they are too pathetically ignorant. We have to listen to their scoffing, knowing that even they will someday realize how wrong they are.