Hatred Will Do That to You

  It is strange how people will deliberately do things that make them appear as fools. Getting drunk is one example. But there is something else that is deadly. That is prejudicial hatred.

  Our Lord and His disciples were passing through the fields and the disciples partook of some of the grain (Luke 9). They were not harvesting the crop. The enemies of Christ jumped on this insignificant matter in order to raise objections against Him. He reminded them of something David had done (taking the hallowed bread for food) and they did not criticize David for that. But what David did WAS wrong. What the disciples were doing violated no divine rule but prejudicial hatred caused the enemies of Christ  to make accusation. They appeared as foolish and ignorant critics.

  Sometimes people object to something that is innocent but seemingly never get upset over things that are truly wrong. They can howl about eating in the church building but never seemed bothered by the strife and division they needlessly cause. Who do you think is shown to be twisted and perverted in such instances?