Have a Need?

  It was most frustrating to hear that one who professes to be a "gospel preacher" seldom extends the invitation with the conditions man is supposed to obey. If one is present who is lost he would not learn from this "gospel preacher" what to do to be saved. There are times when the terms of forgiveness may not be presented, like at the end of every radio sermon, at a lecture on a given subject, at a funeral, after a Bible class. But to omit a proper invitation after a sermon at regular services seems to go against the purpose of preaching. Have a need? What on earth is that?

  How does this man extend the invitation? He says, "If anyone has a need, come forward." What need? Come forward for what? Who doesn't have a need of some kind. If people did what he invites everybody would be on the front row every service. Have a need? What kind of invitation is that? It is like asking people to come forward if they want to do better.

  Some "gospel preachers" have become ashamed of the gospel and seek to please people and hold positions and receive praises of men rather than teach them the truth so they can become knowledgeable of the way of salvation. Have a need? It is disgusting that such as this is done!