Have to Versus Get to

  You could hardly think of a greater contrast of attitudes and conditions of the spiritual heart than what the title suggests. Could it be that some attend periods of worship because they "have to?" Maybe it is because they feel they must "work" their way to heaven, or their parents demands it of them. I heard one man say he attended because he did not want the preacher calling him the next day. What a sorry attitude toward the privilege of worship.

  But obviously many, probably most, are present because they realize what a privilege it is to worship the Giver of life, and associate with good brethren, be strengthened and fed the "sincere milk of the word." They look forward to the hour of assembly. They are not trying to "earn" salvation. They know that cannot be done anyway. They are humbly grateful to God for their life in Christ.

  Which disposition comes closest to fitting your attitude toward worship?